My pubblications:

In this section there are all my pubblications divided for category. 


DOWNLOAD Basic considerations about neural network training alghoritm.
DOWNLOAD Brief introduction about fuzzy logic
DOWNLOAD Brief introduction about artificial intelligence.
DOWNLOAD Example about creation and training of a neural network with JOONE library.
DOWNLOAD Fuzzy numbers brief introduction
DOWNLOAD Brief introduction about 4 approch of artificial intelligence
DOWNLOAD Neurofuzzy training with JOONE library in Java.
DOWNLOAD  Brief  article about computer vision SURF alghoritm
DOWNLOADObject recognition introduction
DOWNLOADc# example of inference system.
DOWNLOADBinary three in C
Brief introduction toSURF alghoritm (in Italian)


DOWNLOAD Serial communication with an Alle Bradley PLC (CPU Compact Logic)
DOWNLOAD MODBUS protocol document
DOWNLOAD PLC brief document
DOWNLOAD Brief document about networks in industrial automation
DOWNLOAD Variable set/reset example in Movicon11 SCADA
DOWNLOAD Synoptic example with Movicon 11 SCADA.
DOWNLOADAnimation of a pump with Movicon 11 SCADA
DOWNLOADEthernet communication with Allen Bradley PLC
DOWNLOADLogica di funzionamento del pompaggio e dello svuotamento di un serbatoio.
DOWNLOADBasic tutorial about Control Net protocol
DOWNLOADExample of a hours counter in istruction list (IL)
DOWNLOAD Configuration of a Power Flex inverter of Allen Bradley.


DOWNLOADExample of C program that open a serial comunication
DOWNLOADExample of a simple deamon written in C language.
DOWNLOADHow to work with thread using pthread library.
DOWNLOADExample of  a test unit in CUnit
DOWNLOADBrief article about the communication between the process
DOWNLOADUnit test in CPPUnit
DOWNLOADIntroduction to wamp server
DOWNLOADExamples written in C and C++.
DOWNLOADInstallation and use of Python intepreter.
DOWNLOADBrief introduction to SAX and DOM parsers
DOWNLOAD Article on LINQ technology.
DOWNLOADExample on LINQ technology
DOWNLOADSoftware for conversion of images
DOWNLOADshell Linux introduction
DOWNLOADMobile software for Datalogic barcode reader
DOWNLOADBrief introduction to Visual studio code
DOWNLOADBrief introduction to MVC paradigma (Model View Control)
DOWNLOADC# example of thread use
DOWNLOADVB NET example of writing of PC name, user name and currnt data in a simple text file
DOWNLOADC++ examples for the school
DOWNLOADExample of handle of a traffic lights
DOWNLOADC# example of killing a process
DOWNLOADTutorial on XML language
DOWNLOADExample of DLL creation
DOWNLOADSequential research in a vector
DOWNLOADLogic operations on bits in C
DOWNLOADCompare images in visual c#
DOWNLOADGraph example in C
DOWNLOADBrief description of programming paradigms
DOWNLOADWPF example of treeView handling
DOWNLOADWPF example of color handling treeview
DOWNLOADSmall manual about IIS installation
DOWNLOADSimple example of deadlock in C#
DOWNLOADSimple c# program to create a PDF qith images and tables
DOWNLOADAn example of listView in Visual C#
DOWNLOADInstallation manual of IIS
Tutorial step by step to create a DLL in Visual studio
Simple example of personal DLL
Simple example to convert string to integer in Python
Python script to get diffrerence in ms between two dates
Simple WPF program to handle message asyncronous with thread.
Simple datagrid in XAML
Simple use of stackpanel in XAML
Simple example of radioBox in WPF
Simple example of checkBox in WPF
Simple exmaple of  listBox in WPF
Simple checklist Box in WPF
Simple example of multiple comboBox in WPF
Example of simple Eval in Python
Brief introduction to DB mirroring


DOWNLOADBrief article on PID control
DOWNLOADMatlab project of planar robot
DOWNLOADBreve saggio sui muscoli artificiali del futuro: i muscoli basati sui gel polimerici.
DOWNLOADBrief article on alluminium in robotic.
DOWNLOADBrief article on robotic sensors


In the following table is possible to see all books that I've written and pubblicated from Sandit:

Neurofuzzy and neural networks ENTER2011
Use MySQL in C# ENTER2012
Robotic elements  ENTER2013
Industrial robotic ENTER2014
Humanoide and mobile robotics ENTER2015
Robotic: Theory and applications ENTER2015
Introduction to Python ENTER2016
Electronic prototipation introduction ENTER2016
Experiments of robotic ENTER2016
Experiments of robotic 2 ENTER2017
Introduction to robotics ENTER2017
Artificial Intelligence technics ENTER2018
3d programming with Unity

In the following table is possible to download a personal book about physic applied to engineering (now in Italian, in the future I hope to translate it in english)..

N.B: I'm sorry if there are grammar errors. I've read again and again the chapters but the perfecion is impossible.

DOWNLOADIntroduction (Italian)
DOWNLOADChapter 1: Vector calculus (italian)
DOWNLOADChapter 2: 
DOWNLOADChapter 3: Material point dynamic
DOWNLOADChapter 4: material points system dynamic.
DOWNLOADChapter 5: Rigid body theory
DOWNLOADChapter 6: Solid and their properties
DOWNLOADChapter 7: Example exercises resolved
DOWNLOADChapter 8: The fluids
DOWNLOADChapter 9:  The gravitation
DOWNLOADChapter 10: Electromagnetism
DOWNLOADChapter 11: Electric circuits.