Personal Photo:

Braccio idraulico in compensato
Robotic arm built in plywood and moved with small hydraulic pistons.
Ingranaggi di movimento Plastic gears to trasmit the movement to robotic legs built in plywood.
Fiera robotica novegroRobotic exhibition in Novegro (MI).
Robot legoLego Mindstorm EV3 Humanoid robot.
Braccio robotico in alluminioAluminium robotic arm moved from Arduino MEGA board with 3 rotational motors  (3 degree of freedom).
Fiera di UdineMyself in Udine electronic expo.
Mano roboticaRobotic hand with 5 motors moved from 5 flession sensors.
Potenziometro e ArduinoComandare un servomotore con Arduino e potenziometro.
Mio laboratorioMy table for the experiments.
robot serpenteA snake robot built with LEGO.
robot spiderSpider robot with 8 motors for the correct movement.
Sensore pressionePressure sensor.
Complex rover
Another image of the same rover
Scorpion robot
Simple example of Bio robotic with LEGO
Gambe robot
Humanoide legs