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In this page there are basic courses about technologies on It world, artificial intelligence, industrial automation, and robotics.


DOWNLOAD Small tutorial about C language.
DOWNLOAD Allocation memory example in C.
DOWNLOAD Open file for reading example
DOWNLOAD Example about the memory occupied from a variable
DOWNLOAD Example about 1 complement of a number
DOWNLOAD Comparison string example
DOWNLOAD Example about prefix and postfix operators
DOWNLOAD  Example about ENUM
DOWNLOAD Example about a simple list
DOWNLOAD Reading/writing matrix value on file in C
DOWNLOAD Search first occurence in a string in C.
DOWNLOAD Example about creation of a process.
DOWNLOAD Example about the handle of processes.
DOWNLOAD Function point example in C.
DOWNLOAD Random number generation in C.
DOWNLOAD Example of a program that display the rest of a division.
DOWNLOADSequential research in a vector.
DOWNLOADHandle the signals in C
DOWNLOADShifting bit of a variable in C
DOWNLOADPrint a list stored in a file in  C
DOWNLOADExample about the creation of a file in C..
DOWNLOADExample that create a random number for the comparison. 
DOWNLOADExample about the use of a vector.


DOWNLOAD  Small tutorial about HTML.
DOWNLOADExample about the size of fonts.
DOWNLOADExample of bulleted list
DOWNLOADExample of numbered list
DOWNLOADExample of complete list in HTML.
DOWNLOADcheckBox example in HTML
DOWNLOADHow create background in a web page...
DOWNLOADTable example in HTML
DOWNLOADHow to add an image in a web page.
DOWNLOADBlinking message
DOWNLOADExample of a link in a web page
DOWNLOADExample to send mail from a web page
DOWNLOADradioBox example in HTML
DOWNLOADExample of different styles in a web page
DOWNLOADExample complete of a table in a page.
DOWNLOADAnother example of a table in a web page
DOWNLOADExample about frame.
DOWNLOADAlign center a string in a page
DOWNLOADtextBox example in HTML


DOWNLOADSmall tutorial about Python.
DOWNLOADExample about appending elements in to the list.
DOWNLOADArray example
DOWNLOADExample opening calendar.
DOWNLOADExample about creating element in to the list.
DOWNLOAD Example about comparison beetwen strings.
DOWNLOAD Concatenation of strings
DOWNLOAD Example about reading file.
DOWNLOAD Example that show how to create a process
DOWNLOAD Example about the handle of an exception.
DOWNLOAD Opening and reading a file.
DOWNLOAD Complete example about handling a file
DOWNLOAD  Creat a subfolder from a generic folder
DOWNLOAD How to create a raw input.
DOWNLOAD Extract a substring from a generic string
DOWNLOAD Print list directories from C:\
DOWNLOAD Example about navigation in file system
DOWNLOAD How create and delete a folder.
DOWNLOAD Display attributes of a file.
DOWNLOAD List of folders
DOWNLOAD How to obtain the dimension of a file
DOWNLOAD How to get the PID of a process
DOWNLOAD First example of graphics
DOWNLOAD Check the existence of a path
DOWNLOAD How is possible to rename a folder
DOWNLOAD How to display the list of file in a folder
DOWNLOAD User interface in wxPython.
DOWNLOAD Complete example about string methods
DOWNLOAD How to display a web page.
DOWNLOAD Splitting string example
DOWNLOAD How to count seconds number from 1970
DOWNLOAD Check if the object is a file or a folder.


DOWNLOAD Small introduction to Javascript.
DOWNLOAD Example of variable declaration
DOWNLOAD First web page example
DOWNLOAD IF simple example
DOWNLOAD How to call a javascript file (.js) in HTML
DOWNLOAD How to concatenate strings in Javascript
DOWNLOAD Example of WHILE cycle.
DOWNLOAD Example of FOR cycle
DOWNLOAD Example of DO-WHILE cycle..


DOWNLOAD Small introduction to PHP.
DOWNLOAD First PHP example
DOWNLOAD Second PHP example
DOWNLOAD Third PHP example
DOWNLOAD How to work with a vector in PHP
DOWNLOAD How to work with WHILE cycle in PHP
DOWNLOAD How to work with DO-WHILE cycle
DOWNLOAD How to work with SWITH-CASE
DOWNLOAD How to use substr() method
DOWNLOAD Example about splitting of a string
DOWNLOAD How to add numbers in PHP
DOWNLOAD How to writing a file in PHP
DOWNLOAD How to replace a substring of a string in PHP
DOWNLOAD How to check the position of a substring or character in a string
DOWNLOAD How to convert in lower or upper of a string
DOWNLOAD How to get the size of a string
DOWNLOAD How to use classic logic connectors in PHP
DOWNLOAD Reading file example.
DOWNLOAD Get the type of a variable.
DOWNLOAD How to use an associative array
DOWNLOAD Another example about associative array
DOWNLOAD How to use break istruction
DOWNLOAD How to create a class in PHP
DOWNLOAD How to execute DOS command
DOWNLOAD Concatenation of strings
DOWNLOAD Comparison of strings
DOWNLOAD How to use continue istruction.
DOWNLOAD How is possible to check empty type 
DOWNLOAD Example about checking variable types
DOWNLOAD Example about creating of a costant
DOWNLOAD How to do the download of a file in PHP..


DOWNLOAD Small introduction on C#.
DOWNLOAD DO-WHILE first example
DOWNLOAD FOR cycle example
DOWNLOAD WHILE cycle example
DOWNLOAD Example on boxing operation
DOWNLOAD How to open a web page in C#
DOWNLOADHow is possible to start an application in C#
DOWNLOADExample about the appending of the strings in C#
DOWNLOADExample about readings properties of a file
DOWNLOADCheck if a file exist or not exist.
DOWNLOADSearch a substring in a string
DOWNLOADExample of string chain
DOWNLOADComparison strings in C#
DOWNLOADHow to do an inversion of a vector in C#
DOWNLOADConversion string in number
DOWNLOADHow to use dictionary object
DOWNLOADExtract position of an element in a comboBox
DOWNLOADGet the value of selected element in a comboBox
DOWNLOADHow to open an image in C#
DOWNLOADExample about the lists
DOWNLOADExample complete about the lists
DOWNLOADHow to use a matrix in C#
DOWNLOADHow to get black color
DOWNLOADExample about unboxing operation.
DOWNLOADExample of replace string
DOWNLOADSplitting string example
DOWNLOADFor example in C#
DOWNLOADSecond example of a form in C#
DOWNLOADThird example of a form in C#

DOWNLOADExample where is possible to use the Delay funcion
DOWNLOADExample about the creation of a single Thread
DOWNLOADExample where show the element of array and calculate the average
DOWNLOADExample show hot to compare two strings
DOWNLOADExample where is possible to use the ENUM type
DOWNLOADExample where is possible to see a structure
DOWNLOADExample where is possible to see the CLASS
DOWNLOADExample of overloading of function