My personal curriculum:

Personal informations:

Name: Marco
Surname: Buttolo
Date of birth:
Birth place:
Milano (MI)
Albino (BG)

Street Lunga
C.A.P: 24021
Personal mail:


I was member of Engineers organization of Milan and in particual, I was member of the following classes of the organization:

1.Class A → Civil and Environment Engineer
2.Class B → Industrial Engineer
3.Class C → Information Technology Engineer

Master Degree in industrial automation engineering with specialization in robotics and artificial intelligence in Milan polytechnic

The thesis focused on  the design and implementation in Java of a predictor  of toxicity  of certain chemicals by training a network neurofuzzy. The instruments used for the realization of the software were:

- JBuilder 2005 foundation edition like IDE

-JOONE (Java Object Oriented Neural Engine) library like java library  for the programming of the neural network.

electronic and automation engineer in ITSOS in Milan.

Partecipation in the “Fausto Sartori” project for the realization of a big multimedial project. We have win the project. I've developed a CGI in Visual C.


I'm member of the followings associations:

- individual member of A.I.C.A (Associazione Italiana per l’Informatica ed il Calcolo Automatico).

- member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and in particular:

· IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Membership

· IEEE Power & Energy Society Membership.

· IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Membership.

            - Professional member of ACM (Association for computer    

            - Member of SIAM (Society for Industrial  and Applied                                                   Mathematics).   

Then I follow the following groups:

- AIR - Association Italianf for Research

- Efficienza Energetica e utilizzo razionale dell'energia

- FER - Fonti Energetiche Rinnovabili


- AI3, Industrail Association Engineersi.

- Alumni del Politecnico di Milano



  • -MML (Man Machine Language at Nokia Siemens Networks)
  • -Chorus operating system at Nokia Siemens Networks)
  • - First aid course at Global Control
  • Profibus at Endress Hauser.
  • -Basic course on MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class)in Automa srl.
  • -project management course in Olympos srl.
  • -HTML course ENEA
  • -biomass and biogas plant course in ENEA.
  • -Basic course of electrotechnic in (ENEA)
  • -Compressed gases course in (ENEA)
  • -Network administrator windows course in (MRW CORSI)
  • -ASP NET course in (MRW CORSI)
  • -MySQL course in (MRW CORSI)
  • -JOOMLA course (MRW CORSI)
  • -Wordpress course (on line)
  • - HTML5 course (on line)
  • - Coaching course (Stilmas)
  • -Tia Portal course (telmotor spa)
  • -"Learn GIT (on line)" course
  • -"Learn SQL (on line)" course
  • -Linux basic course (MRW CORSI)
  • -Step7 basic course (on line)
  • -Microsoft Dynamics Ax basic course (Plati)
  • -Arduino basic course (Future elettronica srl)
  • -IOT with Raspberry PI3 basic course (C&D elettronica srl)
  • -Unity in Comelit spa
  • -Basic course about MongoDB (Udemy)
  • -Collaborative robot safety: Design and Deployment



  • MS-DOS
  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows NT
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Linux Red Hat
  • Linux Fedora core
  • Linux Ubuntu
  • Chorus
  • Minix

    • Good knowledge of the following programming languages:

    • C language
    • Visual Basic 6.0 language
    • Python language
    • C++ language
    • HTML language
    • Java language
    • SQL language
    • Javascript language
    • Visual Basic for application language
    • Visual C language
    • Visual C++ language
    • PHP5 language
    • Visual Basic .NET language
    • C# language.

    • Good knowledge of the following software:

    • - Matlab (for the programming and the simulation (with simulink)).
      - Supervision system Movicon X2
      - Supervision system Movicon 11
      - Supervision system Global Vision e Web Global Vision
      - Supervision system Intouch Wonderware.
    • - Supervision system RSView Studio
    • - Supervision system Factory Talk
    • - Supervision system WinCC Flexible.
    • - Supervision system RSLogix5000 e Step7.
    • - IDE Tia Portal.
      - IDE Automation studio of B&R.
      - IDE PG5 of SAIA Burgess.
      - Office packet (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Microsoft Visio).
      - IDE Visual Studio 6
      - IDE Visual Studio 2005
      - IDE Visual Studio 2008
      - IDE Visual studio 2010
      - IDE Visual Studio 2012
    • - IDE Visual studio 2013
    • - IDE Visual studio 2015 community edition
      - Framework of test CUnit
      - Framework of test CPPUnit
    • - Framework of test ROBOT
    • - Unity 2017-2018

    • Good knowledge of the following DBMS:

    • - MySQL5, Postgres
    • - SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014.


    • Perfect knowledge of Italian, good knowledge written and spoken of English


      about 1 year:

      I've worked, developing in Java and using JBuilder 2005 foundation, for the realization of a software for the training of a neurofuzzy network, using JOONE library, the SAX e DOM parsers for the parsing of training XML file. For the fuzzification and defuzzification, I've created a new library in Java.

      About 6 monthsi:

      I've worked in OTM project (industry maintenance software) working in HTML, Javascript, Python, e SQL. In particular, I've developed the life cycle cost of a component or a single machine. I've worked with the OPC (Ole for Process Control).

      About 3 months:

      I worked in BWO project (software for warehouse automatic handle) working in C, Python, SQL, HTML, Javascript. I worked in the pallet optimization world, and I developed a software engine in Python language (using PyRobot library) for a robot that must find minimal path in a dynamic environment (warehouse).

      About 2 years:

      I've created many different type os software for industrial automation. I've developed software that are connected with Mettler Toledo balances, badge readers, barcode readers, using serial communication and TCP communication (socket TCP). I've developed in C, Python, and Visual Basic.
    • I've worked with OPC (Ole For Process) standard and I've used Movicon X2 SCADA and Visual Basic for Application for some industrial applications (for example  management of weighing trucks for SAPIO).
    • I've developed PLC Siemens with Step7 and Allen Bradley with RSLogix 5000. Than I worked in Visual Basic 6 for the creation of a new SCADA system for handling of air handling units systems.
    • For 1 year I was technical manager of a group of 5 people.

    • About 1 year:

      I developed software embedded in C and C++ in Linux environment using GCC compiler. Also I used CUnit, CPPUnit and Robot like framework for the unit tests.

    • About 1 year:

      I have been involved in the development of a monitoring system of photovoltaic systems programming in PHP5, Javascript, HTML, SQL, XML, and using the library dhtmlxGrid for display grids and FLOT library for graphics disclosure of performance and energy produced by the plant photovoltaics. I also made the sizing calculations of solar panels and therefore I'm familiar with the calculations on returns of solar panels, the energy produced on the string currents, and so on. I worked as a process engineer of industrial conditioning systems, on energy systems (solar power, biomass, hydro, ...). I've done some studies on the pyrolysis reactors used in some central biomass

    • I have worked with design and implement automation applied to the world of renewable energy and water treatment. In particular I followed the installations for the treatment of water (UASB reactors, preacidificatori, ...) and of the installations for the production of electrical energy by means of biogas. I have followed the development of the automation software using SCADA as Movicon 11 and as Siemens PLC. I coordinated the installation and testing activities. I have dealt with all the strumentistica part of the field (of temperature transmitters, pressure, level, and so on.).

      About 1 year:

      I worked in alarm systems for Mi sono occupato di realizzazione dei sistemi di allarme per impianti e piattaforme petrolifere. Ho sviluppato software per l’interfacciamento con i PLC B&R in Visual C# (utilizzando Visual studio 2008).

      About 6 months:

      I've developed PLC siemens and SCADA systems with Intouch wonderware for high vacuum furnances, following

      About 4 years and 6 months

      I develop software for industrial alluminium extrusion, developing software for technical office and production. I develop using Microsoft .NET framework in Visual studio using VB NET and C# as languages.
    In particular:

        -Documentale -> a DMS (Document Management System) to              handle all technical documents in technical department.                    Developed in Visual C#  and SQL Server like DBMS
        - Research Projects -> ....

    About  2 years and  6 months:

    I developed software for industrial automation. In particular, I worked on level1, level2, level3 of CIM architecture. I've developed software for automotive machines using PLC siemens in Tia Portal. I developed HMI using Tia Portal and Factory Talk View for PLC Allen Bradley.

    For a brief period, I coordinated some people to develop software for  industrial pharmaceutic machines. 

    I've delevoped web software for PC in automatic warehouse in ASP .NET with DBMS SQL SERVER.

    About 1 years and six  months:

    I design and develop software for industry 4.0 In particular design solutions with flow chart and UML diagrams.
    I develop solutions with the following languages:

       -  Visual C#
       -  WPF technology (XAML for the front end)
       -  Script Python server side
       -  Postgres like DBMS
    I've deleloped a configurator for the configuration of pneumatic valve island.
    I've delevoped some modules for an hybrid software SCADA-MES. In particular:

        - ALARM handling (Visual C# and XAML client side, Python                server side)  
        - ticketing system
        - PMS (Power Management System)
        - Simple scheduler to hadle machine working

    Software in Python to read from collaborative robot (COBOT) YUMI using web service all basic variables of robot (for example currents, power, motor speed, and so on) and visualization on Power BI.


    I develop software for 3D graphics and simulation in Unity with c# programming language in dodmotic world.

    • List of companies where I've worked or where I create software for them:

    Ferrero S.P.A

    Sapio S.P.A

    Sun Chemical S.P.A

    Siram energia S.P.A




    Qatar Petroleum

    Austep S.P.A

    Automa S.R.L

    TAV S.P.A

    Phoenix S.P.A

    Sandit S.R.L

    Automha srl

    Stilmas spa

    Plati spa

    Camozzi-Marzoli SPA

    Comelit group spa

    • Another experiences:

    • I've teached in ITSOS high school.  I've teached mathematic, physic, computer science, electronic. I've spoken in college conferences about robotics, artificial intelligece ad computer science. Im a robot maker. 

    • Often I develop with Arduino and Raspberry PI. I collaborate with publishing house SANDIT SRL. My books are:

    Neural and neurofuzzy networks
    Introduction of MySQL in C#
    Robotics elements
    Industrial robotics
    Mobile and humanoide robotics
    Experiments of robotics
    Introduction to Python
    Robotic: Theory and applications
    Introduction to electronic prototipation
    Experiments of robotics vol 2
    Introduction to robotic
    Artificial intelligence technics
    3D programming with Unity


    • My scientific passions are: matemathic, software design and software development, physic applied to engineering (thermodynamic, atomic physic, mechanic), robotic, artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic, neural networks and industrial automation. Im interested also of energy and chemical industry.

    • I love to do sports in mountain. In particular: trekkig, sky.